Nat Reed is an indie/RnB artist based in Boston. She creates ethereal sensuality in her music with heavy vocal textures over minimal production elements. 

The debut music video for her song "Gold", garnered a press release from Sound of Boston, and the song itself made it onto the 2017 Breakthrough playlist on the Australian Music blog, Howl and Echoes.

Nat recently released two singles, "Selfish" and "Flow." Keep an eye out for new sounds in winter 2019.


"Reed’s songs hide nothing, and her live show was no different."

Sound of Boston

"Her latest single “Flow” is a spacey, R&B affair that is rounded off nicely with her gossamer vocals."

Elaborate Taste

"Her smooth electronic track is brief yet searing, born in the midst of a painful anxiety episode."

Sound of Boston

"'Flow” is a crisply produced cruise built heavily on textural layers of Reed’s vulnerable voice, a stylistic idiosyncrasy of the singer’s signature electronically organic music."

The Deli Magazine

"Although this is her first professional music video, she exudes the confidence and sensuality of someone far more experienced." 

Sound of Boston

"Waves of layered vocals, gentle melodies and soft-Sunday-morning rhythms find their way under your skin, evoking intimacy and sensuality throughout." 

Howl and Echoes