Photo: Goldwing Photography

Photo: Goldwing Photography

Sound of Boston

"Reed’s songs hide nothing, and her live show was no different."

"Her smooth electronic track is brief yet searing, born in the midst of a painful anxiety episode."

"Although this is her first professional music video, she exudes the confidence and sensuality of someone far more experienced." 

Elaborate Taste

"Her latest single “Flow” is a spacey, R&B affair that is rounded off nicely with her gossamer vocals."

The Deli Magazine

"'Flow” is a crisply produced cruise built heavily on textural layers of Reed’s vulnerable voice, a stylistic idiosyncrasy of the singer’s signature electronically organic music."


Photo: Ariff Daniel

Photo: Robert Blanchflower

Photo: Robert Blanchflower

Howl and Echoes

"Waves of layered vocals, gentle melodies and soft-Sunday-morning rhythms find their way under your skin, evoking intimacy and sensuality throughout."